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Getting Started

Included in this package are two different incarnations of 'Walker & Silhouette', depending on how you wish to run it. One is a Windows executable ('Walker & Silhouette for Windows.exe'), the other is a TADS 3 game file ('Walker & Silhouette.t3').

If you want to play Walker & Silhouette on a Windows PC with the minimum of fuss, just double-click 'Walker & Silhouette for Windows' and away you go.

To play the game on Linux or a Mac, you'll need a TADS interpreter to run the TADS 3 game file. This is similar to the way you might use a word processor to open a text file. A list of interpreters that can play TADS games can (at the time of writing) be found on the official TADS website here.

However you choose to play Walker & Silhouette, you might like to look at How to Play.